Cast + Characters

Bloody Mary
Peformed by Hollie Taylor

Say her name three times and she’ll come get you. So says the legend – but what would be the point of that? She’s actually really sweet and it’s her job to put you on the right track. Bloody Mary is based on the American urban legend of Bloody Mary, not the UK version because there’s no way we could make a historical character like that nice.
Peformed by Craig Daniel Adams

Chris is a handsome and successful musician with a self-destructive streak. To say he’s had a difficult life is an understatement and recent traumas have driven him to the bottle. His one ray of happiness in this world involved a mirror and candles at midnight, where he met the girl of his dreams. But the demon drink is always there, and it may lead to his downfall. You cannot force an alcoholic to change until they are ready to do so.
Peformed by Elizabeth Webster

How can someone like Bloody Mary have a best friend like Viscera? Abdabs’ sister; she scowls, has frequent moods and will tell you what she thinks of you to your face. But we all need friends like that, don’t we? Viscera is based on the legend of the Old Hag who you will meet during an episode of sleep paralysis. But don’t worry, like all the supernatural characters in the show, she’s actually there to help.
Peformed by Thomas Coombes

If you’re taking your last breath of life you couldn’t do better than having Abdabs be the one to collect your soul. Cheery and happy, he accepts his role with joy. To him, it’s all just part of his job. Abdabs is just one of many Grim Reapers out there. You think there’d be just one? It’s a franchise bigger than McDonalds.
Peformed by Tanya Duff

To call Malevolent a bit thick would be unfair. Dizzy, maybe, naïve, possibly. But not thick. It’s not her fault. She had a very sheltered upbringing and if you ever met her Mother, you’d understand why. Malevolent is a banshee and unlike her friends, doesn’t really have a set pattern in life). Banshees tend to float around not doing much for most of their existence. If she was human she’d probably work in marketing. We’ll be honest; Jenny couldn’t come back for the second block of filming so we had to recast. Tanya stepped in and did a great job. We could either ignore the change or play up to it. We played up to it. It worked in Roseanne.
Peformed by Erica Emm

When you are as cool and glamorous as Samantha, you don’t need a character profile, you just sparkle. Self-confident and aloof, this rich bitch is the one person you really don’t want to cross. Samantha is the top dog succubus and is practically royalty in the Realm. She wouldn’t be out of place amongst the Made in Chelsea set.
Peformed by Richie Hart

If inhabitants of The Realm went on Gap Yahs (they don’t), Amicus would’ve written the book. Aristocratic but with a teeny bit of depth not shared by Samantha. Could he be hiding something? Amicus is an incubus, the male equivalent of a succubus. He shares his name with a rather famous British horror film company
Peformed by legendary horror scribe David McGillivray

Honestly, this man is deep. And mysterious. And that’s the way he likes it. He’s happiest behind the counter of Hemingways, his own little divebar where our characters hangout. If you have a secret, Herzog probably knows it. He’s a Wraith, but a good one. We were honoured by his presence. We really were. Seriously. I know that sounds like we’re taking the piss but we’re not.
Bloofer and Bathory
Peformed by Shinead Byrne +
Cristina Lázaro

Samantha’s equally vacuous succubus friends, they hang on every word she says. But watch out - like lionesses, they’re simply biding their time. Slow wildebeest beware. Bloofer takes her name from the original Dracula novel and Bathory is named after a rather infamous Hungarian Countess.
Rutherford and Cadinot
Peformed by Robert Feldman +
Antonio Piras

Even The Realm has Male Eurotrash. Just don’t say this to their faces or they will probably ensure you suffer a slow and painful death. And because money isn’t a problem for this duo, they wouldn’t even soil their own hands doing so. We aren’t revealing how these two got their names.
Peformed by Judith Rosenbauer

Seriously, just run. Run. In the opposite direction. Now. Quickly. Don’t look back. Why aren’t you running yet? Carabosse, Malevolent’s mother, is named after the wicked fairy godmother in Sleeping Beauty Interestingly, her daughter’s original name in the show was Maleficent but this was changed after we noticed Disney claimed the name. We know better than to screw with The Mouse.
The Wraith
Peformed by Tim Frost

When someone gives birth, there is always pain. When there’s hatred too, you get a Wraith. Wraiths (pronounced Wralphs) live on the very edge of their world, prowling our place for those succumbing to addiction, be it caused by drink or drugs, as they feed on the energy given off. Whereas most of our characters are somehow beneficial to Beings, Wraiths are the opposite. The Realm - being a plutocracy - tends to look down on these often misunderstood creatures but there time will come and they will rise up, mark our words. Wraiths are based on the Victorian idea of ‘the horrors’ – essentially hallucinations caused by severe alcohol withdrawal. Such feelings are usually so powerful those going through it will start to drink again just to be rid of them.