About The Bloody Mary Show

The Bloody Mary Show is an ongoing webseries, the first season of which is presented in seven instalments. It tells of Bloody Mary (who is actually extremely nice) and how she spends her downtime with her friends Abdabs, Malevolent and Viscera.

There are no vampires, werewolves or zombies in the show - Sorry.

The show is littered with loving references to British horror and folklore. We adore the genre and are very loyal. We’ve taken an American concept (in this case the Bloody Mary legend) and anglicised it.

How did the show come about? - It started with sleep paralysis. A terrifying condition where your body is rigid but your higher brain functions still work. The experience is often accompanied with horrific hallucinations. This happened to the writer, who decided to give a personality to the hallucination in order to (in)humanise it so if it happned again, it wouldn’t be so terrifying. It led to a short screenplay called Winifred whose job is to scare those with the condition before it becomes life threatening. The script was too ambitious for a short and over eighteen months it was rewritten and rewritten, Winfred evolving into Viscera along the way. Other characters were added and the focus was changed to Bloody Mary, a character unfamiliar to a lot of British people. We’d love the series to go global. If you’re interested, contact us!....